Question 9

Score 1 is if all the sports are exclusive to gender, race, age, and/or ability. For example, all the boys are playing one game and all the girls are doing a separate game or all of the older kids are playing kickball and all of the younger kids are playing hopscotch. There has to be visible exclusionary practices, for example, the boys have to tell the girls that they are not allowed to play with them.

Score 2 is when some of the some of the games are exclusive. Most of the games might be separated by gender, but there is one game that is limited to a certain group of gender, race, ability, etc. Additionally, there should be evidence of exclusion for a score of 2 (i.e., girls are not allowed to play games with boys).

Score 3 is when some of the games are inclusive. One game might be only boys, will the rest of the multiple games are separated by groups.

Score 4 shows that all of the games and activities are filled with a mixture of students by gender, ability, race and age.

To go from a score of a 3 to a score of a 2, there are examples of exclusionary practices.

Example Video:

In this video two girls attempt to join a game of basketball but are not allowed to play with the boys.

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