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Out-of-school providers: become certified in Playworks TagTeam

Playworks TagTeam is a year-long certification program that builds capacity for out-of-school-time partners to run a recess service at schools in their community.

TagTeam logoPlayworks is the leading national nonprofit leveraging the power of play in elementary schools to transform children’s physical, social and emotional health. Through Playworks TagTeam, we’re sharing our evidence-based recess strategies that have been cultivated over 25 years with out-of-school-time partners in order to increase the number of adults who are trained to facilitate safe and healthy play at recess across the country. Partner organizations become certified to lead Playworks TagTeam programming with schools. For more information, email

How it works:

OST partner connects with schools

OST partner identifies 1-3 local schools who want to pilot a recess program.

Playworks trains OST partner

Playworks provides the training and tools needed to run a high-quality recess.

Measure success

Data is collected at the beginning and end of the program to measure growth.

Regular check-ins and consultation

Playworks check-ins with managers regularly and provides monthly consultation.

“Our collaborative partnership has seemed seamless.”

– Sharon Ramos

VP of Operations, Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson

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Certification Components

Playworks understands that youth development is already a big job! Playworks TagTeam strategically connects certification learning with the day-to-day work of recess.


In-Person Trainings

2-day deep-dive into recess for managers and frontline staff


In-Person Consultation Visit (1 per school)

Playworks expert observes recess and meets with OST staff


Recess Manager Course

Online course focused on recess management and quality


Monthly Virtual Coaching Calls

Playworks expert hosts 1-hour calls for customized support


PlayworksU Online Course

15 hours of on-demand training for managers and frontline staff


Keep Playing Online Subscription

Games and play-based practices curated weekly


Virtual Community of Practice Membership

Learning and fellowship calls for partners across the country


Conditions for a Successful Partnership

Interest in Expansion

Leadership is interested in expanding their service model through school partnership.

Why? Playworks TagTeam certification requires buy-in from the person with decision-making power regarding funding, hiring, and scheduling.

Existing Partnerships with Local Elementary Schools

Organization has established strong relationships with local schools over 3+ years.

Why? Kicking off a multi-school service is much more challenging if they don’t have existing relationships in their district.

Multi-level Staffing Capacity

Organization can dedicate staff to fit the following roles:

  • Program Director

The primary organization liaison who will foster school relationships, provide management coaching to the Recess Manager, and hold staff accountable to meeting Playworks TagTeam certification requirements.

  • Recess Manager (primary participant in certification program work)

The manager who will oversee and empower the Recess Coaches, model and sub in when necessary, observe recess weekly, participate in monthly consultation calls with Playworks, and ensure program quality across school sites.

  • Recess Coaches (1 per school partner) 

The youth development professional who will facilitate school recess min. 3x/week.

Why? We want to make sure that our partners are aware of the staffing structure for Playworks TagTeam so they can make informed decisions about whether they have the capacity at this time (whether they are hiring or assigning staff from other roles).

Commitment to Professional Development

Organization’s leadership is committed to supporting frontline staff and managers by dedicating paid time for ongoing professional development and certification requirements.

Why? A large portion of Playworks TagTeam is professional development at both the frontline and manager levels. The program cannot work unless there’s time for staff training.

Our partners say Playworks TagTeam has:

  • Generated a new revenue stream through earned income from school contracts
  • Increased daily attendance and created a pipeline for new audiences in afterschool programs
  • Deepened relationships with school partners
  • Subsidized staff salaries and expanded the timeframe for part-time work hours
  • Increased staff retention and job satisfaction
  • Streamlined program outcome reporting to schools and funders


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Current partners: Download logo files for the Playworks TagTeam Junior Coach shirts here

We are the proud recipient of an Allstate Foundation grant that supports our Playworks TagTeam program.

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