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Help your staff create a safe, healthy community. Improve rec-time, group management, and conflict resolution—through play. Whether training seasonal staff or supporting seasoned professionals, discover shared strategies for:

Consistent rules and consequences

Playful group management

Inclusive rec-time games

Kid-led conflict resolution

Line-up time and smooth transitions

Our Y Staff consists of a mixed group of ages and abilities and yet our Playworks trainer was able to actively engage each and every staff member in our workshop. We can’t wait for the next one!

Eden O'Brien-Brenner

Irvin Deutsches Family YMCA

Support for Teams

Playworks supports summer camps, after-school programs, parks & rec departments, faith-based organizations, schools, and more.

Learn from what’s working in youth programs around the country.

Our Trainings

Our workshops teach proven strategies to prevent and redirect challenging behavior, support youth engagement, and enhance opportunities for  learning. Taught by professional Playworks trainers, each workshop in the series draws on various learning styles and builds on core principles of youth development.

The Power of Play:  This workshop lays the foundation for creating a safe, healthy, and respectful environment for youth.

Group Management: Learn five key group management strategies adults can use to set youth up for success.

Game Facilitation: Learn to teach and facilitate games in ways that are inclusive of all learning styles.

Indoor Play Design: Learn new indoor games and create action plans to keep kids active and engaged indoors.

Online Learning: After your training, staff have access to PlayworksU: bite-sized online courses that support in-person learning. Learn More

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Onsite Coaches

Create a culture of play before, during, and after school every day with a skilled Playworks Coach.

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Consultative Support

Equip your recess team through on-site support and modeling during the school day.

Playworks TeamUp

Recess Reboot

Staff Training

Sharpen play facilitation skills with professional development for your staff.

Playworks Pro for Schools

Playworks Pro for Youth Organizations

Online Learning

Experience the power of play with bite-sized online courses or subscribe to weekly, curated content.


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