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Playworks Narratives

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Playworks Evidenced-Based Research

Below is research showcasing Playworks’ positive impact in schools and communities across the nation:

  • Studies on Playworks: These are studies of Playworks programming.
  • Studies on Play: These studies demonstrate how play can help make a difference in the lives of kids.
  • Stanford and Mathematica Policy Research: Mathematica Policy Research and the John W. Gardner Center at Stanford University conducted a randomized controlled trial of the Playworks Coach service—Playworks places a full-time coach at low-income schools—and found that it reduced bullying, improved feelings of safety, increased physical activity, and provided more time for classroom teaching. Playworks professional development programs teach many of the methodologies used in our direct service schools and are reaching for the same outcomes.
  • Playworks Annual Survey: Our annual survey from schools who participated in Playworks programming shows improvement in student behavior during recess, in the classroom, and overall school climate.
  • Playworks Pro Evaluation Results: Surveys and interviews of Playworks Pro programs participants and teachers show improvement in both student behavior and trainees’ skills.
  • Health Care Foundation of New Jersey:  This PDF summarizes the external evaluation of Playworks Recess Implementation program, that found considerable positive behavior change in Training program participants.