Safe and Healthy Play

Play is safe and healthy when kids are physically and emotionally safe, engaged and active, and empowered to lead games and resolve their own conflicts.

Kids are physically and emotionally safe when:

  • there are common rules and clear boundaries
  • all kids are welcomed and encouraged to join games
  • conflict does not escalate and kids use strategies to solve problems on their own
  • verbal and nonverbal communication is positive

Kids are engaged socially, emotionally and physically when:

  • the majority of kids are actively playing
  • games are varied, inclusive, age-appropriate, and allow for student choice
  • empathy, respect, and cooperation are modeled, promoted, and encouraged by kids and adults


Kids are empowered to promote safe and healthy play when:

  • kids independently lead games for their peers
  • kids reinforce positive language and behavior with their peers
  • adults create opportunities for student leadership during pla