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Online courses help your team use effective, research-backed practices to help play support learning.

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Build skills
to support play

Video demos and opportunities for reflection make it easy to try on new play-based strategies.

Learn and plan
with your whole team

Facilitation guides and on-demand content let staff learn together or at their own pace.

Track progress
and celebrate success

 Assess areas for growth and celebrate wins.  Plus, get consultative support to address your goals.


Discover play-based strategies for recess, transitions, and class time. Learn from what’s working in schools and youth programs around the country.

Manage Groups

Struggling with behavior issues in class? Learn how to proactively manage students through play.

Facilitate Games

Need more play in your day? Discover how to use games to reinforce key social, emotional, or academic outcomes.

Resolve Conflicts

Help students resolve their own conflicts before they escalate. Try using the game Rock-Paper-Scissors as a tool.

Improve Recess

Get started with systems to help recess go smoothly.  Make sure all kids get to play and come back to class ready to learn.

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Skill-building Courses

20+ courses, with new content added throughout the year. Each course includes a number of 4 to 5-minute interactive modules with videos, reflection questions, and self-assessments.


 Facilitator Guides

Action plans and facilitation guides make online learning a group effort and support school or program-wide consistency.


 Printable and Game Videos

Most of our courses help adults build skills, but posters and game videos help students learn too.


 Tracking and Assessment

Track progress with course completion history for each user, and use our recess assessment tool to decide where to focus next.


Strategic Support Call

One 30-minute sessions with a Playworks expert help you maximize learning.


 Unlimited Access

Train up to 50 users per school or program site with unlimited access for 12 months, so that teachers, support staff, and admin can all learn together.


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Create a culture of play before, during, and after school every day with a skilled Playworks Coach.

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Equip your recess team through on-site support and modeling during the school day.

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Recess Reboot

Staff Training

Sharpen play facilitation skills with professional development for your staff.

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Online Learning

Experience the power of play with bite-sized online courses or subscribe to weekly, curated content.


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