Questions 23 and 24

Adult Behavior

This question looks throughout the entire recess time to see if adults are playing/engaged with students. One way to be engaged is to actively play with children. However, the adults do not have to be actively playing the game, but as long as they are actively involved in the game/engaged with students (helping to set-up equipment, officiating, organizing, encouraging, etc.) then it is still considered “playing games and engaged with students”. ​

A Score of 1 is marked when no adults (or just one designated adult) are engaged with students.

A Score of 2 is marked when half (e.g., two of four) or less than half (e.g., one of three) of adults are engaged with students

A Score of 3 is marked when more than half of adults (e.g., three out of five) are engaged with students.

A Score of 4 is marked when all adults who are recess monitors are engaged with students (adults who come in and out of the playground do should not count for this).

Video Example:

This video shows examples of supervising adults not engaging with students and supervising adults playing games/actively engaged with students.

Examples of poor transition from recess to the classroom would be:

  • Running
  • Screaming (students and/or staff)
  • Pushing
  • Shoving
  • No line/clusters of students
  • Lack of clear transition (i.e. students do not know what they are supposed to do or where to go)
  • Lack of adult supervision
  • Taking an excessive amount of time to put on winter gear

A score of 1 would be indicative of many of the above examples occurring during the transition. This is a clear example of poor transitioning.

A score of 2 would be if the transition process is leaning towards chaos, but is not completely disorganized. Some of the examples above might be evident, but not all indicators would be present.

A score of 3 would be if the transition process is leaning towards an organized process, but there are a few examples of poor transition examples listed above.

A score of 4 would show the students transitioning in a quiet, smooth, and organized manner to exit recess. You can observe the kids following the rules and it is clear to the observer what the rules are even if they are not stated.