Question 4

A score of 1 occurs when children have no fixed or non-fixed equipment to play with during recess (see below for possible examples of equipment).

A score of 2 occurs when only fixed equipment is available, or only non-fixed equipment is available. It is important to note that fixed equipment that cannot be accessed should not be scored as available. For example, if there is a jungle gym, but students are not allowed to use it, it should not be counted. Similarly, if there is a basketball hoop, but no balls to play with, the basketball hoop should not be counted as available fixed equipment.

A score of three occurs when there is both fixed and non-fixed equipment, but there is not enough to support the number of students or diversity of interests. For example, there may be a jungle gym and jump ropes available, but there is not enough equipment for all children to play. Similarly, if options are available but limited in a way that does not represent a range of interests, please score as a 3.

​A score of four occurs when there is both fixed and non-fixed equipment, and the equipment is sufficient to support the number of students and a range of diverse interests. Note that if a jungle gym is present, but only some students are allowed to use it (e.g., all younger children can use the jungle gym and all older children can use the non-fixed equipment), this should be scored a “2” and not a “3” or “4”.

Examples of fixed equipment include playgrounds/jungle gyms/play structures, basketball hoops, bars, swings, painted blacktop games, etc.

Playgrounds/play structures/jungle gyms

funnel ball
Funnel ball

basketball courts & soccer fields
Basketball courts & soccer fields


4-square courts
Foursquare courts

Example of non-fixed equipment include jump ropes, soccer balls, kick balls, hula hoops, teeter-totters, cones, etc.

hula hoops and jump ropes
Hula hoops and jump ropes

​Examples of mixed equipment includes both fixed and non-fixed equipment

Balls, cones, painted 4 square courts, play structure &, basketball court

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