Questions 6 and 7

A score of 1 is when the students are all alone.

A score of 2 is when a few staff members are out there, but a majority of the staff members are late.

A score of 3 is when most/majority of the staff members arrive on time, but there are a few that arrive late.

A score of 4 indicates that all of the staff members arrive at the start of recess.

*note: do not take into account principals, superintendents, or other staff that comes to recess for a small portion to observe. In other words, these staff members are not to be in charge of supervising recess but show up to observe for a short period of time.

​Count the number of adults and students to calculate the ratio 10 minutes into recess. The start of recess is defined as when the first student steps in the play space/playground.


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