Question 2


When the area is marked, it is clear to the students what games are to be played. While a space may be marked off with chalk/paint, if the game is clearly not identified and students do not know what to do, then it is not considered “well marked”.

A score of 1 indicates a play space that does not have any clearly marked areas for games (example: blacktop with no markings for games like 4 square or basketball or a large open grass field with no field markings for a soccer game).

playground blacktop
This play space does not have any markings on the blacktop for games (score 1)

​A score of 2 indicates a play space that has some clearly marked areas for games but a majority of the playground is unmarked.

Grass play space
This play space has a marked playground and two 4 square courts marked on the blacktop, however a majority of the play space (the grass and the rest of the blacktop) are unmarked (score 2)

​A score of 3 indicates a play space that has a majority of the play space clearly marked for games. There are only small portions of the total playground that is not clearly marked. (Example: there might be a small portion that is a “no play” zone and it’s not marked. Or a large space that is marked off, however students do not know what to play in that area).

partially marked playground blacktop
The blacktop is well marked for games of 4 square and basketball while the grassy area in the back of the picture is unmarked and unclear of what games are set up here (score 3)

A score of 4 indicates a play space that has all areas clearly marked for games. (example: separate areas are marked on the playground for tag, kickball, soccer, basketball, etc.).

well marked playground blacktop
This playground is well marked on the blacktop, the grass areas, and the play structure. On the blacktop, there are a variety of games to play like hopscotch and basketball. While the grass is marked for soccer and has soccer goals (score 4)

Other examples of how play spaces may be marked:

Clearly marked areas for funnel ball, basketball, and 4 square with paint on the blacktop

Clearly marked areas for games with paint on the blacktop

play spaces marked with cones
Clearly marked play spaces with cones

Example of racing strips with ones to indicate which track to run

Example of play structure area marked off with fencing

blacktop marked with cones for games
Clearly marked area by placement of cones for hula hoops and jump ropes

Use of cones to highlight painted blacktop of different zones for different games

Both of the above photos demonstrate clearly marked areas for different types of games, however it is also over designated parking spaces when school is not in session. It may be difficult for a student to discriminate between the white basketball court from the other white lines to direct car traffic for after school pickup

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