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What is a Great Recess?

We all want our kids to have the best possible time at school. Often recess is the time of day that children either look forward to or dread. 

At Playworks, we have made it our mission to give every child the opportunity for safe, inclusive and meaningful play. For the past eighteen years, our youth workers and play experts have developed and honed strategies to make the playground fun for all kids.

The Playworks direct service and training programs cannot reach every child, however. But with the thousands of play advocates around the world, we know that children can get the playtime they deserve. That is why we’re sharing the tools and strategies we use on the playground. So one day all children will have the opportunity for safe and meaningful play every day! 

Want to know what makes recess great for all children? 
Checklist for a great recess

Looking for tools to improve your children’s experiences at recess? 
Try these playground strategies.

Each one of United States' 60,000 schools and thousand more abroad represent an opportunity to having that transformative experience leveraging play, making sure kids know that we care about them, that we want them there and know that there is a way for them to be a learner.

Jill Vialet, Playworks CEO and Founder