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A new, FREE, four-part webinar series for educators and administrators looking to bring the power of play to their schools.

The series connects attendees with Playworks staff from across the country to explore what makes a great recess and the impact of quality play on students in the classroom and beyond. Any adult working with kids in schools or community programs can benefit from attending.

We want to be your partner throughout the school year, giving you practical tips you can do right now to enhance kids’ play-based experiences. This webinar series is designed to bring topics relevant to what educators are experiencing at various times of the school year, and provide practical solutions to apply right away.


Webinar 1: 5 Ways to Have a Great Recess
Webinar 2: 3 Questions to Ask About Your Indoor Recess
Webinar 3: Get Groups Engaged Through Play
Webinar 4: Youth Leadership Empowerment


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Webinar 1

kids playing on blacktop
5 Ways to Have a Great Recess – October 6

During this kick-off webinar event, you will learn the 5 key components of a great recess.

  • Safety on the Playground
  • Effective Systems [play space, transitions, equipment, & visuals]
  • Engaged & Empowered Adults & Students
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Games, games, games, games!
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Webinar 2

children playing classroom game
3 Questions to Ask About Your Indoor Recess – Dec 7

We want kids to enjoy recess every day: rain or shine, snow or sleet, hot or cold weather. But when weather conditions keep you inside, you might find yourself asking:

  • Is it really recess?
  • Are you getting the most out of your space?
  • Who else can get involved?
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Webinar 3

coach instructing students on blacktop
Get Groups Engaged Through Play – February 1

When a group of students is not positively engaged, it can be hard to get everyone back on track.  In this webinar session we’ll explore:

  • Using play-based practices to create systems to effectively manage large groups
  • Implementing proactive systems to address disruptive behavior before it occurs
  • Infusing play into the day to ensure effective communication with students
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Webinar 4

Youth Leadership Empowerment – April 5

Unlock your students’ leadership superpowers by developing a youth leadership program at your school. Join us for this webinar to learn:

  • Benefits of youth leadership program
  • How to create a diverse youth leadership program
  • Foundational framework of a successful youth leadership program
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