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Game of the Week: Switch

How to play Switch, a rotational style game that's a staple on the playground.
August 13, 2012

If there was any one game every school recess would benefit from, it would be Switch. Similar to muscial chairs, Switch is rotational, simple and fun for kids of all ages. By teaching this game to students early in the school year, you will give youth power and ownership of this inclusive game. For back to school season, the Game of the Week is Switch!

Group Size: 
 Any size
Age Group: 
 Pre K-Grade 5
Length of Activity: 
 Under 10 minutes
Developmental Goal: 
 To develop active listening capability.
Before You Start: 
  • Make sure everyone know the four areas to run to.
  • Review how to play rock-paper-scissor.
  • Play a practice round.
Set Up: 

A four-square court or four cones forming a square and one additional cone in the middle.

How To Play: 
  • Five players at a time. Each player occupies a corner or the middle.
  • Play begins when the person in the middle says “Switch”.
  • All players must find a new corner/cone to occupy. No player can go to the center cone.
  • If two players arrive at the corner at the same time a quick rock-paper-scissors is played, winner stays.
  • The next person in line, become the person in the middle and begins the next round.
  • Use different shapes
  • Add more areas the players can run to
  • Use for different colored hula hoops. Have the player in the middle call out a color that signals the players to run/switch. The caller runs to the color which s/he called aloud. All other players have to switch hula hoops but may not run to the color that was called out.



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