Playworks Pro

Welcome to Playworks Pro! We are excited to partner with you to bring the power of play to your community. Here are a number of resources to help get you started. Don’t worry – we will walk through everything with you to set up for a great time together!


Take the Recess Checkup

Take the Recess Checkup self assessment, a three-minute online quiz to help you identify strengths, uncover areas for improvement, and understand what’s really happening in your play space.


Make sure participants complete the following tasks prior to training

(A) Watch the Playworks Training prep video
(B) Register for the training through a link you will receive via email

Customize this email template to send these pre-training tasks to your training participants


Introduce Playworks to school staff, parents, and community!

School Welcome Email (doc) (Spanish) – customizable letter template to send to your school community
Playworks Pro Media Kit (doc) (Spanish)

To share with staff:

Setting Up Your Recess Team (pdf)
Recess Coach Hiring Guide (doc) – customizable job description, interview guide
Becoming a Recess Rockstar (pdf) – packet to be shared with your recess staff
Great Recess Framework (pdf) – one-page description of the elements of a great recess
Theory of Change (pdf) – description of our program model and impact

To share with parents and school community:

Play Powers Social Emotional Learning (pdf) – one-page infographic

Other helpful resources:

More about Playworks staff training and online learning services
Video Library
Playworks Impact

Next steps after training with us