How to play hopscotch

Last year, we heard one woman’s story of teaching a group of children hopscotch who had never even heard of the game. Yesterday, Katie Norris asked a friend for a hopscotch refresher. The game of hopscotch has been around for hundreds of years. There are even stories of it being played in Roman times!  Still played all over the world, there are many variations to the game. A refresher to all, the game of the week is Hopscotch!

Group Size:

Small Group (1-10)

Age Group:

Pre K –  Grade 5

Length of Activity:

Under 10 minutes

Developmental Goal:

To develop balance and coordination.


Chalk, Bean Bag or a small stone

Before You Start:
  • Pick an object such as a bean bag or a small stone that will be thrown on the squares.
  • Number the squares one through ten (or until there is no more.)
  • Explain the rules of play. Have the players explain the rules back to you.
Set Up:
Use the lines on a playground or use chalk to create a hopscotch as shown in the picture.
How To Play:
  • Hopscotch can be played with one or more people.
  • Players take turns, standing in a line at the start/finish line.
  • Each player will go through the following steps:
    • Toss a stone in square one. Hop over the stone on the way out and pick it up on the way back.
    • If the player misses the toss, pass the stone to the next player in line and return to the back of the line.
    • Hop in the first empty hopscotch square. Balance on one foot in single squares and both feet in side-by-side squares.
    • If the player, loosing his/her balance or steps on a line, s/he returns to the line.
    • On the way back to the start/finish line, pause at the square before the stone. Bend over and pick up the stone without moving feet.
  • Once the player’s turn is complete, s/he passes the stone to the next player in line and goes to the end of the line.
  • After each player successfully completes a turn with the stone in square one, their next turn s/he tosses the stone in square two and so on until the player has completed all ten squares.
  • Simplify the game by having players hop through the hopscotch without a stone to pick up.
  • When using chalk to create the hopscotch, you can change the shape, size, and/or length.
  • Set a time limit, making the game Speed Hopscotch.

Still need help? Watch this How To video:

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