Providing safe play for students on the playground benefits everyone.

Bumps, scrapes, and bruises are a part of childhood, yes. But when students start piling into the office for ice packs and band-aids after recess instead of into their classrooms to learn, things need to change.

Principals, teachers, and school nurses at Playworks schools consistently tell us that they see fewer discipline issues, injuries, and conflicts at recess thanks to Playworks. In fact in a randomized controlled trial, students in schools with Playworks had increased feelings of safety at school.

During Playworks first year at one Denver elementary school, injuries on the playground dropped 79% from 242 injuries to 51 total injuries. In addition, disciplinary referrals dropped 75% from 40 office referrals during lunch to only ten.

By making a few changes on the playground, every school can make recess fun and safe for kids in order to support their social, emotional, academic, and physical health.


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