Meet Our Coaches

Playworks Maryland wants to thank our 18-19 coaches for making play possible every day for Maryland schools. Meet our newest crew of recess rockstars!



Coach Colby “Superman” Stewart

Abbottson Elementary

Coach Superman wants to ensure that every kid will have a change to play and there are no exclusions. He loves medic ball because it is inclusive , no one has to sit on the sidelines, and the medic has to help the players who gets hit with the ball to get back in. 

Coach Nick “Nick” Clay

Monarch Academy at Annapolis

Coach Nick is passionate about fitness and inspiring the next generation to be healthy. He is personally committed to healthy play as Coach Nick trains and participates in Spartan races.  

Coach Terrell “T’Rell” Divers

Leith Walk Elementary Middle School

Coach T’Rell is committed to ensuring every kid is included in play.

Coach Rogi “GiGi”  Banks Buckner

Freetown Elementary

Rogi can’t wait to support Freetown’s goals of building a healthy community comprised of students, teachers/staff, and parents working together to encourage healthy play with emphasis on respect and inclusion.

Coach John “G” Griffin IV

Patterson Park Public Charter 

Coach Griffin previously served as a mid-year coach for Playworks Texas. Coach brings that experience and commitment to safe and healthy play through an engaging and empowering recess.

Coach Taylor “Taye” Moore

John Ruhrah Elementary Middle School

Coach Taye is passionate about inclusion of students as she believes that it is central to Playworks’ other core values. She wants to model and encourage the act of being open minded to things that may be or seem different or new to ensure all members of the school community feel included in play.

Coach Diamond “Jam” Jamison

Gardenville Elementary

Coach Jam believes healthy play is important as a tool to educate kids to help resolve their own conflicts as well as encourage kids to celebrate wins and navigate losses. She looks forward to teaching the kids how to be leaders in their school and communities while also learning from them.

Coach Benjamin “Ben” Workman

The Mount Royal School

Coach Ben envisions inclusion playing a role in how play can empower others to learn and discover new sports and activities to pursue.

Coach LaShawn “LaLa” Jones

Flex Coach

While at Playworks, I will ensure students, school teachers, faculty, and parents all learn about the value of healthy play! I would love to build strong relationships with as many students as possible. It’s sometimes hard to get them to open up, but once they trust you they’ll respect you more as a person and your authority as a leader.

Coach JuWan “Ju” Nicholson

Henderson-Hopkins Elementary Middle

I want all of the children to feel apart of the group regardless of race, gender, or creed. I want to create a safe space for every student. A place where they can feel apart of something, a place where they can just be kids without judgement or criticism.