A Day in the Life at George Washington Elementary

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Baltimore, MD—February 20, 2018—At George Washington Elementary it is apparent that the students appreciate their Playworks coach. While students were lining up before recess their faces were full of smiles and eager to greet the Coach, who the students call “Coach Superman”. Students cheered his name with excitement and were ready to play!

The game of the day was Sink the Ship. This game involved two teams that included a “lifeguard” who remained in the center between the teams. The teams were opposite of each other and was surrounded by cones. Not only did the cones represent the ship, but they also served as boundaries to help the students stay in one area throughout the game.

The objective of the game was to knock down the other teams’ cones and sink their ship while the life guard assists. This game was a hit during recess! Students also enjoyed other designated games such as champ ball, bean bag toss, hula hoops and gymnastics.

Junior coaches also played a huge role in the success of recess. The coach proposed a friendly challenge to his Junior Coaches to enhance their leadership skill by creating a fun game between the Junior Coaches at the school.

The coaches are knights and are each assigned a team. The teams include Jack Knights, King/Queens Knights, and Ace Knights. When a coach engages in a Hi-Five, leads a game, cheers, gives positive reinforcement, or comes up with a conflict resolution they earn points. The points allow them to “slay the dragon” by coloring in the dragon with their designated colors on the drawing (pictured right).

At the end of recess, the Coach chanted, “Knock knock” and students responded, “Who’s there!” as a playful way to get the students attention and prepare them to head back to class.

More information on Playworks and how to get involved: