Letting kids play pays off

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The Baltimore Sun visited Harlem Park Elementary in Baltimore to get in the game — and see how things have changed since Playworks partnered with the school in 2008.

After talking to the principal, students and teachers, it was clear that safe, healthy playtime was making a positive difference in the school's learning environment. Principal Joyce Akintilo said it best:

Sixty-six percent of employees who have Playworks in their schools report fewer conflicts in class. At Harlem Park, there have been 15 office referrals this year, compared to the 50 that administrators would see before the program was implemented three years ago.

"It has made a great difference," Akintilo said. "You see that translated into the way that our students behave."

And sixth-grader Dorion Cook loves how play makes him feel:

"It helps me burn up a lot of energy so it helps me in class," he said.

Thanks to the Sun for stopping by! You can view and comment on the full story here.

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