Wrapping up a Successful MLK Day of Service 2019

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019 was a success at Playworks DMV! We partnered up with our friends at the Monumental Foundation to beautify Neval Thomas Elementary School here in Washington, DC. More than 40 volunteers showed up to give us a helping hand. Several volunteers brightened up the hallways with a fresh coat of blue paint while others helped to organize the supply room. A few even helped decorate the gym with logos of DC sports teams!

Neval Thomas Elementary was proud to share their heritage with us and told us Neval Thomas’ story. As a civil rights activist in the early 20th century, he helped fight for equal rights for the people of Washington, DC. A few volunteers cleaned and restored the portrait and plaque dedicated to him in the foyer of the school so that everyone who passes through has a chance to know his story.

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Several volunteers painting the hallways of Neval Thomas Elementary
Volunteers giving the walls a fresh coat of blue paint!

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