AmeriCorps Appreciation Week

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It’s AmeriCorps week, and we’d like to take a moment to brag about our members.

Our AmeriCorps members have been stepping it up (BAM!) this year to truly serve their communities. Here is a (brief) list of just a few of the things they are getting done this year:

  • Transforming playgrounds at 10 schools in our nation’s capital and serving thousands of students in our city.
  • Leading school trainings to teach staff at their schools about Playworks’ mission.
  • Analyzing staff strengths at recess and developing a targeted plan to build those capacities. A strong recess requires staff support, and our coaches are helping teachers and school staff gain confidence and tools for leading games and handling playground conflict.
  • Planning and leading our 7th Annual Junior Coach Leadership Conference. Our AmeriCorps Members went above and beyond in planning an engaging an exciting superhero-themed leadership day for over 100 Junior Coaches from all across the city. Junior Coaches learned from workshops about empathy, inclusion, game facilitation, and more. They also listened to a panel of leaders speak about the importance of making the right choices and received awards based on our Core Values of Respect, Inclusion, Healthy Play, and Healthy Community.
  • Beautifying and cleaning up our community. At our three National Days of Service—9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance, Make a Difference Day, and MLK Day of Service—our members spruced up several school communities, painting murals, organizing storage rooms, and creating a vibrant space for students to come to school. Some of our members decided to take volunteerism a step further and found their own projects to participate in, like running games for students with Juvenile Diabetes at the JDRF Conference or helping organize wigs for Beauty without Boundaries, an organization that serves women who are fighting cancer.
  • Giving hundreds of high-fives a day!

Thank you to our AmeriCorps members for everything you do!


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