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On a beautiful fall day in our nation’s capital, “ABC News” and “Good Morning America” reporter Juju Chang joined the students of Bruce Monroe Elementary School at Parkview for a fun day of play.  We were thrilled to be able to show Juju how we provide opportunities for safe, fun, inclusive play for the students at Bruce Monroe, and then capture that play time to foster critical life skills and learning both in and outside the class room.  And we were honored that our work in DC was showcased as an example of the programming Playworks is providing to 100,000 kids at 250 low-income schools in fifteen cities across the country.

The cameras didn’t deter the kids from playing soccer, hula hooping and jumping rope, just as they do everyday.  Junior coaches, like Keon, took the lead to make sure that their recess was the best that it could be.  Recess goes on at Bruce Monroe with or without the cameras.

Playworks Program Manager Rachel Hustedt said of the day: “It’s so exciting when those outside of Playworks are able to experience a Playworks recess.  During their time at Bruce Monroe, Juju and the Good Morning America crew were able to witness the dedication of our coaches to the children, schools, and overall communities we serve.  Plus they got to play a little too.”

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