Playworks is proud that more than 50% of our coaches across the country are AmeriCorps members. AmeriCorps is a national community program funded by the US government that places individuals in direct service roles within nonprofit and government organizations. For school year 2018-19, 100% of our Georgia coaches are AmeriCorps members.


Travis Cason (Coach C) – Du Bois Integrity Academy

Tanner Cox (Coach Tan) – Drew Charter School

Erin Glotzer (Coach G) – Kindezi Gideons

Alli McNamara (Coach Mac) – Barack & Michelle Obama Academy

Erik Nelson (Coach E) – Bethune Elementary School

Ajay Rutledge (Coach R) – Slater Elementary

Timothy Smith (Coach Smith) – Dunbar Elementary School

LaJarret Tarvin (Coach T) – Thomasville Heights Elementary School

Franchesca Davenport (Coach Fran) – KIPP STRIVE Primary & KIPP STRIVE Academy


Ali Kath (Coach Al) – Alps Road Elementary School

Lauren Yuhas (Coach Yuhas) – Chase Street Elementary School

Trish Whatley (Coach Trish) – Timothy Road Elementary School

Erik Soder (Coach Erik) – H.B. Stroud Elementary School