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Rally For Recess this Spring to Help Kids Learn for a Lifetime
Sign our petition to SUPPORT RECESS in District, Maryland or Virginia, and then join us on Saturday, May 7 for the RALLY FOR RECESS event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 660 K St. NE in Washington, DC.
Playworks Corporate Recess
Bring wellness and team-building to your office with Corporate Recess. Check out our menu of options!
Playworks Project and Make a Difference Day
Check out how our Playworks staff and Tyler Elementary Junior Coach "EG" led the games of Switch and RoShamBo on Great Day Washington (WUSA-9) live CBS morning show!
Off the Sidelines and into the Action
We are changing the way children interact, both in and out of school. Learn how we move kids off of the sidelines and into the action by watching this animation.
Playworks Washington, D.C.
Harnessing the power of play to strengthen our kids, schools and communities.

"Playworks promotes effective and purposeful play that allows for a great physical release for students and permits students to better focus on academics.”

Mari Duggard, Center City PCS-Brightwood Campus, Washington, D.C.

Playworks Pro
With Playworks Pro, learn how to use active play to support the social, emotional, and cognitive development of your kids.

"I have to tell, Principal Mrs. Nelson was so excited to say that her staff team that participated in training had just conducted an afternoon of games for their students. It was an amazing success! She said the children loved it!"

Anne Bond-Gentry, District Behavioral Specialist

Collaboration is in our nature
Every Playworks partnership is customized to meet our partners’ specific goals.

At Mattel, we believe in the power of play and the critical link between play and the healthy development and learning of children. With Playworks as a partner, we can directly and immediately translate that vision into direct impact with thousands of children each year.” 

Diedre Lind, Executive Director, Mattel Children’s Foundation 


Playworks in Washington, DC

Recess Rock Stars

Meet the individuals and organizations doing their part to ensure that every kid has a place on the playground.

Amidon-Bowen Elementary School
Playworks DC's Powerful Connector
Booz Allen Hamilton