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We believe in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid.

Our Volunteers Play Hard

Volunteers play a vital role in supporting our mission of bringing PLAY to every kid in America. We are honored to share stories of volunteers who lend their time, expertise, and passion to help kids grow on the playground.

Playing with Encore

Every day, Encore matches skilled, seasoned professionals with social purpose organizations like Playworks . Read the stories of Playworks Encore Fellows making a difference on our playgrounds.

Make a Difference In Kids’ Lives

More than 32 million adults aged 50+ are eager to share their skills, experience and wisdom with kids who can benefit from more support. Are you one of them?

Start with Recess!

Playworks helps schools and districts start with recess to see gains throughout the school day.

Reclaim class time, get kids active, build social skills, and increase school safety with our evidence-based approach.

RWJF Provides Recommendations for Building a Culture of Health
This brief by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation outlines the importance of building a culture of health through safe and healthy elementary school recess. 
SHAPE/CDC Recess Guidelines

In Jan 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and SHAPE America released new guidance documents that provide schools with strategies for a safe and healthy recess.

Announcing Playworks AIM

Today, Playworks is announcing a new goal to ensure safe and healthy play every day for 3.5 million kids in 7,000 elementary schools nationwide by 2020.


Playworks Everywhere

We offer direct service in 23 communities and training services nationwide.

Recess Rock Stars

Meet the individuals and organizations doing their part to ensure that every kid has a place on the playground.

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Burbank Elementary