Recess is Necessary

Researchers agree: it’s important to prioritize recess in how schools approach re-opening.

The research community has come together to establish the Global Recess Alliance in an effort to bring attention to the essential role of recess during school reopening. These scholars, health professionals, and educational leaders agree that recess is critical for children’s physical and social-emotional development, which are essential for well-being and learning.

While sheltering in place for months, children have been feeling the effects of interrupted routines, family stress, boredom, loneliness, anxiety, and a lack of physically active and social play. A major part of returning to school will be healing from collective trauma and focusing on mental and physical health. It’s important that both teachers and students have the time and space in the school day to connect with others in activities that allow for meaningful and playful engagement.

“Providing children with regular opportunities to play, socialize, rest, and re-energize is imperative. These opportunities improve mood, well-being, school engagement, behavior, learning, focus, attendance, and overall school climate.

Without these opportunities, learning, school engagement, and mental health are severely compromised.” – Statement on Recess

Through the release of the Statement on Recess, the alliance urges educational leaders and policymakers to include recess in their reopening schedules and to ensure that this time is physically and emotionally safe, healthy, and productive for all children and adults.

The alliance has developed recommendations for school recess policy, safe recess practices, and supporting a safe and healthy recess. These industry experts are committed to ensuring that all children have access, feel safe and included, and are able to experience meaningful connections during the school day.

Read the Global Recess Alliance’s Statement on Recess

Playworks is a proud member of the Global Recess Alliance.


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