School playtime is powerful! Here’s why.

Here at Playworks, we're constantly reminded of the benefits of recess in schools. And sometimes it feels a bit like insider information. Sure, most parents inherently understand that playtime is a great opportunity for physical exercise, but do you know the hidden (we think of them as “secret!”) benefits of school recess and playtime? Here are five of our favorites!

  1. Play breaks are a necessary part of life. For adults AND kids. You wouldn’t work a full day without giving your brain a rest-neither should your kids.
  2. Classroom performance improves after recess. According to LiveScience, children perform better in the classroom if they’ve had an opportunity to “blow off a little steam” on the playground. Anecdotally, we hear this same thing from teachers in Playworks schools all the time.
  3. Recess fosters social development. When playing at recess, kids learn so much more than just the rules of the game-they learn vital social skills that stick with them for life. On Playworks playgrounds, we focus on an increasingly important social skill-conflict resolution by teaching fun and simple ways to resolve disputes, which often times results in fewer reports of bullying in schools.
  4. Play is a great solider in the fight against childhood obesity. Having a daily opportunity for physical activity helps fight weight gain and also teaches kids healthy habits from a young age.
  5. Play is good for brain development. Playworks guest blogger Deborah McNelis reminded us last month that play is the way the brain learns best!
Children and play go together like… PB&J, wouldn’t you say? Parents, tell us YOUR secrets. What benefits do your kids get from recess?

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