Enjoy games with the whole family with a small set of bean bags.

Bean bags are simple objects with many possibilities. You may even have a collection of bean bags from a toy or sporting goods store. Or you might enjoy a simple sewing project (even with the kids) and make some bean bags. Either way, a set of ten bean bags is perfect for several games. Here are six games for kids with bean bags:

  • Bean bag toss. Place a target onto the ground with chalk or tape. Take turns tossing bean bags as close to that target as possible. As players get better, have them take a step back and try again.
  • Unfreeze a friend. Every player places a bean bag onto their head then must move around the play space keeping the bag balanced. If the bag falls, the player must let it drop to the ground and freeze. Other players may help frozen players by picking the bean bag up off the ground and handing them to the frozen player to put back on their head and move again.
  • Juggling. Learning how to juggle takes practice, but for motivated kids and it be a fun process. With one bean bag, begin develop the skill to throw and catch with one hand. Once this is mastered, add a second bean bag and practice passing two bags to opposites hands at once. Finally, add the third bean bag. The challenge is the timing. Each bag must be thrown after another and before the next one is catch.
  • Hot Potato. While everyone is sitting in a circle, pass a bean bag around and play a short song. When the song ends, the player with the bean bag sits in the middle of the circle. Keep playing until there is no more room for people in the center.
  • Tic Tac Toe. Using chalk or tape, create a large tic tac toe field on the ground. Take turns with two different colored bean bags (you will need five of each). Place them into each square, trying to get three in a row. For an added challenge, create a tossing line a few steps back from the tic tac toe field and require players to toss their bean bags in each square.
  • Indoor Shuffleboard. Using chalk or tape, draw four lines on the floor. Take turns sliding bean bags as far beyond the first three lines — without sliding the bags beyond the fourth line. After sliding three bags each, tally points. One point per bag past the first line, two past the second line and three past the third line.

What games do you like to play with bean bags?


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