Seven fun claps to build community in your youth program, classroom, office or home

Bring a additional playfulness to your classroom, youth program or even office by adding appreciation claps. The positive energy of a clap helps bring groups together and smiles to faces.

Claps contain three common elements… 1) A clap (on the count of three), 2) an action, and 3) a sound. For example, the Fireworks Clap begins by counting to three. When the leader says three, everyone claps once in unison. Then everyone moves their hands in the motion of their favorite firework and makes the sound of the fireworks.

Fireworks Clap

Here are six more of our current favorite claps…

Money Clap

Black Eyed Peas Clap

Coffee Clap

DJ Clap

Rodeo Clap

Roller Coaster Clap

What is your favorite clap?


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