Make celebrating the new year fun for the entire family with these ideas.

The New Year is almost upon us. Celebrating 2013 and new beginnings can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. We’re gather a few ideas for making New Years’ Eve exciting for all.

  • Travel the time zones. When each time zone strikes midnight, do something fun from one of the communities living in that time zone.
  • Take stock of the year in review. Have your child create a page or even a book about themselves in 2012. They can draw pictures of the major events in their lives and write stories about their year.
  • Create a time capsule. Pick a few questions for your kids’ to answer, such as What do you want to be when you grow up, and have them write out their answers. Add a couple keepsakes, artwork and snapshots from the year then seal up your time capsule and add Don’t Open Until…. You’ll have a great time opening this time capsule in five or ten years on New Year’s.
  • Make a noise maker, spin drum or party hat. Pull out the construction paper, scissors and glue and get creative. There are many online tutorials for making these. One suggests decorating old toilet paper rolls, adding rice or beans to the inside and wrapping tissue paper to the outsides with rubber bands.
  • Have a pajama party or dance party or karaoke party! Make the night special by getting in your pajamas early and pulling all the blankets and pillows into the living room.
  • Play charades. To play the game of charades, start by having everyone write down their favorite movies and books, fold them up and put them in a bowl. Explain the basic rules and tips. The person acting cannot use her/his voice, but they can tell if its a movie or book with a symbol, can tell how many words and syllables are in the title and can act out the words. Everyone else tries to guess. Here’s a good how-to.
  • Have a special meal. Prepare some unique snacks to make the night special. For example, have a dinner full of finger foods, drink sparkling juice with frozen grapes, and enjoy a special dessert, such as indoor s’mores!
  • Share your resolutions. Tell each other what you resolve to do more or less of in the new year. With your children, discuss ideas for age appropriate resolutions, such as play outside more, brush their teeth without being asked or help others in need.
  • Make a balloon drop. Blow up a dozen or more balloons and fasten them to the ceiling with garbage bags and tape. Add string to one side so that you can pull and let the balloons fall at midnight (or 9:00 PM) to celebrate the new year.

How do you celebrate the New Year with kids?


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