Make recess this spring fun and exciting for all with these strategies to rejuvenate your playground.

Spring is near. We’re slowly awakening from our winter slumber, dusting off our sneakers and getting ready to rejuvenate our playgrounds.

Prepare your space for a playful spring by…

  • Make a clean sweep. You will be amazed what sort of objects your recess has collected while hibernating. First step to a healthy recess this spring is to break out the push brooms, rakes, shovels, and yard waste bags.
  • Revisit the layout of your space. Spring is an ideal time to rethink the layout of your playspace. Step outside, look around, imagine recess happening, and ask yourself… Is this the best place for four square, wall ball, tag, relay races and jump ropes? Consider updating your playground map to make the space even more safe and fun.
  • Update your visuals. Posters and signage are a great way to liven up any recess. While you may have created beautiful posters at the beginning of the year, by now the elements have taken their toll. Team up with some of your kids, the art teacher and anyone else who may be interested and create brand new visuals.
  • Revitalize your boundaries. Just as with your posters, mother nature can be pretty harsh on your boundaries too. Once everything has thawed out, take a look at the condition of the game boundaries you painted in the fall. Haven’t painted game boundaries yet? Spring is the perfect time.

Get your recess staff excited by…

  • Schedule a team meeting to refocus. Even just 30 minutes together can have a great impact on your team’s effectiveness. Come together, revisit roles and responsibilities, games, and recess systems.
  • Share out and practice new games. Outdoor recess before the winter was great, and indoor recess has been fun too. Rather than defaulting back to the same outdoor recess, bring out some new games this spring. Read through the Game Guide, pick out a handful of new games, share them out with the rest of your team and find a time to play!
  • Give high fives and bring out new appreciation claps. Who doesn’t love a good high-five or a special clap? Think about what’s new in the lives of your students and use this as inspiration for new appreciation claps. Your students’ favorite new songs and movie characters are great inspiration for fun new claps!

Reinvigorate the students by…

  • Declare a "Recess Opening Day". Put yourself in the shoes of your kids for just a minute. After the big thaw we’re going to be excited to return to our outdoor recess, sometimes so excited that it’s going to be difficult to remember what healthy play looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Re-open your recess by selecting a day to get everyone back on th eplayground to celebrate the season.


What plans do you have to rejuvenate your playground this spring?


Guest blogger Sean Keelan is a Senior National Trainer for Playworks. Traveling throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond Sean loves learning from others' experiences, slow foods, and laughing. Even in his travels as a trainer Sean still finds time to hone his craft as a landscape painter.

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