Adults play to bring kids play

Over the past few weeks, companies and organizations around the country have been kicking it up a couple of notches for underserved kids in their communities. This year, more than 1000 adults gave it a boot and hit the bases hard for recess and play through our Playworks Corporate Kickball Tournaments in more than a dozen cities.

Kickball is the quintessential playground game. With a kick to the rubber ball, players proceed around as many bases as they can while the opposing team tries to throw or tag them out. Some teams play hard and to win, others are happy to simply spend the day outside with their colleagues doing something fun and share some laughs. But they all share a commitment to supporting play and physical activity for children.

Let me tell you, adults LOVE to play. These kickball tournaments really demonstrate the joy and benefits of play for all. By getting adults outside and playing, it gives them an opportunity to laugh, commiserate and celebrate with adults as part of a team.  With bragging rights at stake they can be very competitive, but since it’s an activity most adults participate in only rarely, the real outcome of the day is a renewed appreciation for what happens on the playground.

Playworks is deeply grateful to the organizations and individuals who participated in the 2011 tournaments. While only one team could bring home the coveted trophy for their city, we hope that all enjoyed the opportunity to get outside, play hard, have fun and respect the game. Win or lose, at the end of the day those are the most important lessons.


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