Summer games of yesteryear

The final three day weekend of the summer is here. It’s time to get outdoors, relax, enjoy friends and neighbors and sneak in some final summer games. Teach Kick the Can to the children and bring back this childhood game. 

Before You Start: 
Equipment Needed:  A can or bucket.
Set Up: This is a great neighborhood game. It can be played in backyards, on playgrounds, in the park or else where with space for hiding and running. Select an open space as the center of the play space. Determine a small area to be the holding zone for caught players.
How To Play: 
  • One person shall be determined as the first finder.
  • Place the can in the center of the play space. 
  • The finder stands next to the can, covers his/her eyes and counts while others run and hide.
  • When the finder finishes counting, s/he calls out to the others and begins looking for them
  • If the finder see someone, s/he must call out the hider’s name (not tag them). The hider and finder then race back to the can attempting to be the first to kick it.
  • If the hider kicks the can, s/he is safe and may re-hide. If the finder kicks the can, the hider is captured and must stand in the holding zone until released.
  • All hiders may sneak up and kick the can at any time before being spotted by the finder to release the other players in the holding zone.
  • The game continues until everyone is found or a designated time and a new person wishes to be the finder.
  • There may be more than one finder in large games.
  • The finder must tag the hider before racing to kick the can.


What other variations of Kick the Can have you played?

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