Twelve fun activities and games for yet another recess inside the classroom.

By February, many of us have had more indoor recess than we prefer. Teachers, paraprofessionals, coaches, and other recess monitors feel just as trapped as the students. As indoor days increase, we find ourselves in survival mode. Here are some new games and activities to make your next indoor recess a successful one…

Turn on music and dance. Load up some music your classroom computer and get dancing. You could pick the lastest kids’ favorites (Who else has Let It Go from Frozen stuck in their head?) Or your old (kid-friendly) favorites. Bonus if there’s an accompanying dance you can teach. Electric slide, anyone?

Balloon volleyball. Blow up some balloons and challenge students to keep them off the ground.

Yoga. You love yoga? Your students probably will too. Teach a few moves. Kids love new physical challenges.

Triangle Tag. Three people holding hands can move it a circle around an object while a four person attempts to tag one of the three. This game is exhausting! Which is just what the students need.

Paper cup structures. Pull out paper or plastic plates, cups and bowls, and let the students’ imagination run wild. It’s quite amazing what they can build with a little bit of time.

Bean bag toss. With a few bean bags and some masking tape on the ground. Students take turns attempting to toss the bags on a target.

Adventure video. Have a project or SMART Board? Find a fun active video, such as this, for students to run, jump and play along with the leader of the video.

Uno or other cards. Card games are fun, and students are great at teaching each other. Grab a deck of cards and let them play.

Hopscotch. Add a game of hopscotch to the ground with some masking tape. This game was once a childhood favorite. It can be again if you teach it to a student and let them pass it along.

Water play. Fill a tub with a little bit of water, add cups of all sizes and sponges and more. For variety, bring in snow and ice and add food coloring. For older students, add oils and other products.

Over Under. Challenge some students to pass a ball (or object) as quickly as possible down a line by first going over their head then under their legs. Time it then have them go again faster.

Paper games. Teach your students one of your favorite childhood paper games. Find some ideas, such as cootie catchers, paper airplanes and more, in this blog post.


Find more indoor recess ideas and tips here!

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