The Game of the Week is Helicopter, the jump rope game

The game of Helicopter is played with a jump rope and several people. It is fun for players young and old and a great skills builder to help children to learn timed jumping before the move on to traditional jump The Game of the Week is Helicopter!

Group Size: 

 Any Size

Age Group: 

 Pre K – Grade 5

Length of Activity: 

 10 minutes or more

Developmental Goal: 

 To develop the eye-foot coordination needed to jump rope.


 Jump Ropes

Skills practiced: 
Jumping and timing.
Before You Start: 
  • Review the concept of personal safe space when turning a jump rope.
  • Explain the concept of taking turns in a jumping order and in the different roles.
  • Demonstrate the skills needed and use players to help you.
  • Ask everyone to explain the game to you.
  • Caution: Make sure the players know to stay outside of the circle until the rope is low to the ground!

Set Up: 

Make a large (20’ diameter) circle with chalk if you will be using a long (10’-15’) rope. Make enough X’s on the perimeter of the circle for each player.

How To Play: 
  • Everyons stands on an X on the edge of the circle. 
  • The leader begins slowly turning the rope in a helicopter fashion over his/her head and says “Helicopter, helicopter over my head, I choose a color and the color is… (insert color).” 
  • At that point, the leader begins turning the jump rope on the ground and the players with the mentioned color anywhere on their clothes or acessories take one step forward and attempt to jump over the rope, which is now low to the ground. 
  • Play stops when a players stops the rope with his/her feet or ankle. 
  • The leader then begins again with a new color.

  • Start with the rope circling on the ground and several children already positioned to jump as a warm-up. 
  • Change the chant at the start of the game.


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