Guest blogger David Reeves shares tips to getting outside in winter weather

As winter begins to settle in, the willingness of kids to go outside and play declines right along with the temperature. The popularity of tablets and modern video games has given children a constant distraction from the possibilities of outdoor winter fun, and it is up to the parents to influence them to get out and play. Winter offers a variety of games and activities of which many parents have their own fond memories as a child.
From ice skating to building a snow fort, some activities require equipment while others only require imagination and the desire to have fun. Here are some physically and mentally beneficial ways to help kids make the most out of winter:

Ice Skating 

No matter where you live, ice skating is a great way to get quality exercise and enjoy  family time together. Whether it’s at a (fully frozen!) pond in your neighborhood or an outdoor rink in a major city, ice skating is fun and will give your child confidence as they learn to skate faster and under control. It also gives you the chance to enjoy some seasonal beverages like hot cocoa or cider during rest periods.


There are few things more fun than gliding down a snow-covered hill in a plastic sled or inner tube. Sledding gives children the opportunity to explore the best sledding hills in the area, spend time with friends and family and get great exercise. The repeated sprints back up the hill to slide down again provide excellent muscular and cardiovascular benefits. 

Snow Forts

Similar to building snowmen, snow forts are a great way to stimulate the imagination and get plenty of exercise. And the best part: your kids get to play inside of it once it’s complete! The scope of the snow fort is up to the creativity of the children building it. From tunnels to windows for throwing snowballs, kids can spend days making their fort the best in the neighborhood. 

Snowball Games

Snow forts are not a necessity for snowball fights, but they definitely give one team a major advantage. As with most of the activities listed in this article, there are both physical and mental benefits to an exciting snowball fight. The constant running around, ducking and throwing is great cardiovascular exercise and the friendly competitive nature of the battle will feed your child’s inner spirit. 

Snow Angels

There is certainly no age requirement for this outdoor winter activity. Snow angels are a fun way for children to get down in the snow and get creative. In addition to the standard snowman, kids can create a village of people or snow animals, too. Show your kids how to complement their snowman or snow fort with a snow angel to make your yard stand out. Your family’s snow masterpiece is waiting to happen—bundle up your children and head outside to make it happen.

Guest blogger David Reeves is Marketing Manager of Playland Inc. in Carrollton, GA. Playland Inc., is a total solutions manufacturer and supplier to many industries, supplying outdoor play equipment to churches, schools, and day care centers. It has developed into the only company in its field to offer direct to all of its customers, the ability to purchase outdoor playgrounds, shelters, shade, indoor playgrounds, water slides and site amenities.

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