How to play this silly circle game of passing energy–Yee Ha!

A couple years ago this fun and silly circle game was passed among the Playworks staff rapidly. During staff trainings and meetings, it was taught and played over and over. Why it was so well enjoy is debatable, but one great guess could be the sheer goofiness required in order to play. The Game of the Week is Yee Ha!

Group Size: 

 Any size

Age Group: 

 Grades 1+

Length of Activity: 

 Under 10 minutes

Developmental Goal: 

 Taking turns, active listening, following directions, social comfort



Before You Start: 
  • Review and practice all the “moves” as a group to make sure everyone knows how to play.
  • If indoors, it is important to explain voice volume. This game can get loud.
  • Some players may be shy at first. Explain that the game is more fun if everyone is silly and loud. 

Set Up: 

Have group form a circle with room in between everyone

How To Play: 
  • Explain that this game is all about spreading energy around to people. There are a few ways to pass along the energy:

    • You can pass it to the left by using your right arm and swinging it in front of you over your belly while saying/yelling “Yee Ha!”
    • You can pass it to the left by doing the same as #1 but by using your left arm.
    • You can pass it across the circle by taking a step forward while pointing to the person you want to give it to and saying/yelling “Down Little Doggie!”
    • If the group has these down, you can add more.
    • “Round em’ up!” = The person who says it waves an arm in the air while yelling and then the group has to all enter the center of the circle and then find a new spot in the circle. This person goes again.
    • “Hoe Down!” = A person can be skipped by placing both hands on their head making a barn. This move skips the person next in the circle. This move is special because it can ONLY be used after a Yee Ha move. It cannot be used after “Down Little Doggie.”
    • “Dosey Doe” = If a person yells this, everyone needs to find a partner, hook arms, and skip around a few times. The person who says this goes again.
    • Make up your own! 
  • If a player makes a mistake or takes too long to pass the energy, the game is restarted with the player to the right. You can also have that player step outside of the circle to do two jumping jacks or another action before returning to the circle.

  • You can make this a game of elimination by having a person leave they make a mistake i.e. uses a wrong hand or says something wrong. That person can then try to confuse or mess up the group.
  • If the group is really into it, they can create their own moves or names of moves. They will have more ownership and want to play it more.

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