In honor of the Corporate Kickball events occuring in our fifteen cities this month, the Game of the Week is… Kickball!

Group Size:

Large group (10 or more)

Age Group:

Pre K/K

Grades 1-2

Grades 3-5

Length of Activity:

10 minutes or more

Developmental Goal:

To develop teamwork, depth-perception, and eye-hand and eye-foot coordination.




Before You Start:

• The team who wins Ro Sham Bo gets to choose whether to kick or field first.
• The kicking team gets into their kicking order and the fielding team goes to their positions.

Set Up:

A regulation kickball field is 60’ x 60’ between the bases.

How To Play:

• The pitcher controls the play of the game. Play begins with the pitcher rolling the ball to the person up to bat, the kicker. Play stops when the ball is thrown to the pitcher.
• Teams switch sides after three outs or nine runs are scored. Outs are granted when:

  • The kicker kicks a fly ball and it is caught before it touches the ground. Note: When a fly ball is in the air, the base runners must remain on base until after the ball is caught (called tag-up) before they can advance to the next base.
  • The base player has control over the ball and a foot on the base before the base-runner reaches the base.
  • The base-runner is tagged on his/her body by a fielder with the ball before s/he arrives at the base. Note: If the base-runner must advance because of another runner or kicker behind, it is called a force-out and the fielding team only has to tag the base to call an out. If there is no runner or kicker behind, it is not a force-out and the fielder with the ball must tag the base-runner.
  • One base-runner passes another.
  • A base-runner intentionally interferes with a fielder who is trying to recover the ball.

• A runner advances one base on an overthrow to the base player.
• A run is scored for the kicking team when a base-runner touches all 4 bases, in order, without being called out at any time.
• If the ball is kicked and rolls out of bounds before going past first or third base, it is called a foul.

  • Three fouls by an individual kicker equal an out.
  • If a ball is touched by a member of the fielding team before it bounces, it is a fair ball.

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Do you have know any other variations of kicball or new games that you’d like to share? Submit them to our New Games Contest by July 8th to win!


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