How to play this fun circle game to get to know your community

With Valentine's Day coming up, we're thinking about all the great way to express love for our family, friends, community and more. This fun game allows a group to get to know each other better and think about what the members have in common. The Game of the Week is I Love My Neighbor…!

Group Size:  Large group (of 5 or more)

Age Group:  Pre K+
Length of Activity:  10 minutes or more
Developmental Goal:  To have students recognize commonalties within the group and to identify personal characteristics.
Equipment:  Cones

Before You Start: 

  • Make sure everyone understands the rules.
  • Cue players to think about what they will say if they get to be in the middle.
  • Briefly discuss awareness and review how to play Rock-Paper-Scissors in case there is a tie.

Set Up: 

Position chairs/cones to form a circle. Make sure there is one less cone/chair than the number of players.

How To Play: 

  • The person standing in the center of the circle begins the game by saying “I love my neighbor especially my neighbor who…” 
  • S/he completes the sentence with a piece of information that is true for him/her
    • Example: “I love my neighbor, especially my neighbor who was born outside of the state, loves to play basketball, has a pet, is an only child, etc.”).
  • As soon as s/he is finished with the statement, everyone (including the person in the center) who this applies to moves from their cone to an empty come that is not right next to them.
  • The person who remains in the middle begins a second round of the game.


  • This game can also be called "Move Your Booty" of "Move If". Players say "move your booty if…" or "move if…"
  • Instead of running, this can can be played in stadium seats with an audiences as "Stand Up". The leader says "stand up if…"

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