How to play this rotational hula hoop game.

The Game of the Month of October is Four Square! So this month, we're sharing difference versions of this fun playground game. Here's a fun game that combines hula hoop and four square. This week's game is perfect for helping children practice taking turns. The Game of the Week is Hula Hoop Four Square!

Group Size:  4 or more

Age Group:   K+
Length of Activity:   Less than 10 minutes
Developmental Goal:   To develop coordination.
Equipment:   4 Hula Hoops

Before You Start: 

  • Demonstrate how to hula hoop.
  • Have one player stand at each hula hoop and the rest of the group stand in line outside the playing space.
  • Review the rules of the game.
  • Have players repeat the rules back to you.

Set Up: 

Place four hula hoops in a square. This works well on a four square court with one in each square.

How to Play: 

  • Every player may begin hula hooping when the first person in line gives the magic word, such as Hoop!
  • All players continue hooping as long as they can.
  • If a player drops their hoop, that player leaves the hula hoop on the ground and goes to the end of the line.
  • The first player in line, goes into the empty spot and play begins again.


  • After the magic word, players count twenty or sign a short song. At the end, all players rotate spaces as in standard Four Square.
  • Players who have not dropped the hula hoop must continue hooping while the new player enters the game.
  • A player who stays in for three consecutive rounds gets a round of applause from the group then must go to the end of the line.
  • Allow players to hula hoop around their arm, knees, neck or other parts of the body.
  • See the game of Four Square for many variations!

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