How to play this fun basketball shooting (or volleyball serving or soccer shooting) game.

Basketball and soccer can be very popular recess games. Unfortunately, these games can become overwhelming to students when they are overcrowded, especially with a wide range of skills. One way to take advantage of that popularity is to provide basketball or soccer themed games that are both fun and inclusive because every player gets a turn with the ball. The Game of the Week is Hot Spots!

Group Size:  Any size

Age Group:  Grades 1-5
Length of Activity:  10 minutes or more
Developmental Goal:  To develop teamwork, hand-eye coordination, and depth perception.
Equipment:  Basketballs, Cones, and Polyspots (or more cones).

Before You Start: 

  • Divide players into two or more teams
  • Have teams line up behind a cone, facing the basketball hoop.

Set Up: 

Can be played outside or in a gym. Set up the cones in a row at about half court on a basketball court. Scatter the polyspots all around in front of the basketball hoop.

How To Play: 

  • One player at a time from each team dribbles to a polyspot to stand on and shoot the ball.       
  • If the player makes the shot, s/he picks up the polyspot and retrieves the ball. S/he then gets to bring the polyspot back to his/her team and passes the ball to the next player standing in line, who then dribbles to his/her own spot to shoot from.
  • If the player misses the shot s/he gets the ball and passes it to the next player on his/her team.
  • Play continues in this manner until all of the spots are claimed or time runs out.


  • Adjust the size and number of teams depending on the size of group.
  • Allow players to take a second shot if they miss.
  • This game can be modified to most any sport: Soccer–shoot from a spot into the soccer goal, Volleyball–serve the ball over the net from a spot.

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