How to play Gaga Ball.

For all those summer camp attendees out there… the Game of the Week is Gaga BallGaga Ball is often played during summer camp in a pit or surrouded by walls so that game is smooth and fast, but it can also be played on playgrounds.

Group Size:  Large group (10 or more)

Age Group:  Grades 1+
Length of Activity:  10 minutes or more
Developmental Goal:  To develop eye-hand coordination and strategic thinking skills.
Equipment:  Bouncy Ball, Cones

Before You Start: 

• Use a playing area, preferably circular, about 15 feet wide, with clear boundaries.  Disc cones work well.

How to Play:

• Everyone stands on the boundaries.  The leader drops the ball in the center and as it bounces three times, players say 'ga-ga-ball' aloud as a group.  This signals the beginning of play.  
• After play has started, players can move within the boundaries.  
• Players use their hands to hit the ball towards other players.  The goal is to hit other players with the ball from the knee down.  If a player is hit with the ball from the knee down, they are out.  When they are out, they go to the boundary line and help keep the ball in the play area by acting as a wall or a cushion. 
• You can only hit the ball with an open hand.  No catching, throwing, or holding the ball.  
• You can only touch the ball one time in a row.  The ball needs to hit either a boundary or another person before you can touch it again.
• Explain that one more goal of the game is to prevent the ball from leaving the play area.  Rather than jumping away from a ball that will go out of bounds, players should try to hit it into play. 
• Play ends when there is only one player left, or when time has been called.

Do you have any other favorite summer camp games that you'd like to share? Submit them to our New Games Contest by July 8th to win!


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