How to play Crossfire Soccer, with three teams and multiple balls.

The Game of the Month is Soccer! This month we're sharing fun soccer skills building games. This week has three teams and multiple balls. The Game of the Week is Crossfire Soccer!

Group Size:  10+

Age Group:  Grades 3+
Length of Activity:   More than 10 minutes
Developmental Goal:   To develop teamwork, communication and eye-foot coordination.
Equipment:  A large bouncy ball and three or more soccer balls

Before You Start: ​

  • Split players into three teams.
  • Review soccer skills, such as dribbling and passing.
  • Demonstrate using the soccer ball to move the big ball.
  • Explain the rules of the game and have players repeat the rules back to you.

Set Up: 

  • Create a playing area with cones in the shape of a triangle. Set up a goal on each side. Set the big ball in the middle of all three goals and the soccer balls in front of each of the goals.

How to Play: 

  • Within each team, players must join arms with a partner so everyone moves in pairs.
  • The goal is to kick the soccer balls so they hit the big ball into one of the goals.
  • Just as in regular soccer no hands are allowed.
  • The big ball can only be moved by using the other soccer balls. Players cannot touch the big ball.
  • Teams cannot score on the same goal consecutively.


  • Make the goals larger, even the entire side of the triangle.
  • Play without have players in pairs.
  • Have teams defend one of the three goals.


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