Improve school morale

Make school culture a priority in 2017. This January, take one step each week to improve school morale.

Week one: Say hello. Take a morning this week to head outside and greet students and parents at drop off.

Week two: Lead a game at your staff training. There’s no better way to bring people together than playing together. If you have an active group, try ants on a log or ball toss race. If your group prefers sit-down activities, check out two truths and a lie or lucky penny.

Week three: Call a student’s guardian to tell them something good about their child. It’s too easy for all of us to focus on the challenging behavior of students. Being able to share something great a student does brightens the parent’s, student’s, and your own day!

Week four: Make some copies. Take a minute to relieve one of your paraprofessionals from a simple duty, such as making copies or walking a class to lunch. Not only will they appreciate the break, but it may be a great way to connect with that staff member.

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What other actions will you take this year to improve school culture?

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