Show your unconditional love for kids through play

As much as humans need food and water to survive, we all need love. Human experience and science proves it. In one study, children in an orphanage who were not given love and affection were found to have stunted growth and brain development.

Of course anyone reading this, not only gives, but receives love. But is it unconditional? Unconditional love is love for who you are, not what you do. And children need this kind of love. When a child makes a mistake or behaves poorly, that child still needs to feel love.

To show children love for who they are, we can remain calm when children act out. By regulating our own emotions and providing a child direct feedback about the action you do not want to see, such as do ____, not ____, we help that child feel loved.

Another simple way to show our love to kids is through play. Go outside to play with the kids. Give them those moments where they can be the center of the universe. Ask questions about their game and join them. Teach the kids one of your favorite games from childhood–whether knockout basketball, four square, jump rope, or touch football or an indoor game, such as fort building, crazy eights or Uno. Share your childhood.

Playing allows adult to give kids the love and attention they need. That invitation to play — whether with peers, at home, in the community or at school, is an experience that show children they are loved, that someone’s got their back, that they have a place in the world that means something.

Thank you to all the educators, parents and youth workers who show their love each and every day to our kids.



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