Games and activities to do with your kids while waiting in an airport

Airport layovers can seem long and frustrating, especially for children, to be stuck indoors waiting to travel. Make layovers fun for kids by taking advantage of the space to move and play. Here are five ideas to bring play to your day of flying:

  1. Walk/run/skip through the airport. Airports can be fun and exciting places for children. Take time to explore. Check out the artwork and displaces. Enjoy the moving walkways. Watch all the planes take off. Take a moment to skip or hop. If space allows, run races down longer walkways.
  2. Travel with a small soft ball, such as a bean bag or a marshmallow ball, and enjoy some simple ball games. Play catch, ball toss race, bridge ball, or silent ball.
  3. Make friends with other families who are waiting. You’re probably not alone during the airport layover. Allow your kids to make friends with other children and make friends with their parents to keep all the kids entertained.
  4. Challenge your child’s gross motor skills. Simple challenges, such as how high can you jump, can you reach your toes and can you balance walking on this line are fun for your children. Try these and others to keep kids playing actively.
  5. Try Animal Yoga. Kids love the practices of yoga, especially when the positions emulate those of animals. Some favorite poses of kids are frog, camel and cat. Here are some fun images of poses to get you started.

What do you and your children do during airport layovers?


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