Four fun, active games to play with kids and adults on Halloween

Hope everyone has a Healthy Halloween–full of great candy, delicious food, active play and fun! Introduce a few Halloween activities by adding new names or varied roles to your favorite games. Or try one of these Halloween-themed games:

  1. Zombie Tag – Indentify two (or more for large groups) Zombies who will be taggers. Zombies walk will their arms straight out in front of them, looking and sounding like a Zombie, and tag other players with a light touch, like butterfly wings. If someone is tagged, they also become a Zombie and begin tagging others. Play must remain inside a designated area. Once everyone is a Zombie, begin again with two new taggers.
  2. Ghost in the Graveyard – There are several versions of this game. Here are the rules to one: Identify a homebase and a safe playing area with several hiding spots. One person will become the Ghost or "It". While the ghosts counts "One O'clock" to "Midnight", players run and hide. At midnight, everyone tries to make it to homebase without being tagged by the ghost. Players who are tagged become the Ghost helpers tagging the other players s/he finds.
  3. Blob Tag – Start by indentifying safe boundaries, reminding players tag safely with "butterfly fingers" and demonstrating how to link with other players at the elbow and move safely. Two players begin as "it" linked at the elbow to become a blob. All other players run to avoid being tagged by a blob while remaining in the boundaries. When the blob tags another person, that person must link to them forming a blob of three people. When they tag a fourth person, s/he links on and the group of four splits into two blobs of two. Continue play until everyone has joined a blob.
  4. Flashlight Tag – Flashlight tag is played in a dark, safe space indoors or outdoors at night. One person is "it" and carries the flashlight. All other players run and hide within designated boundaries. The player with the flashlight begins seeking the others. If s/he finds and flashes the light on a player, that person is given the flashlight and becomes it. The previous tagger runs to hide. (Note: before starting, give everyone a signal for the end of the game so they know when to stop hiding.)

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