The Playworks Playbook has descriptions for more than 250 fun games to play

We've been leading games in and out of schools for seventeen years now. More than 750 coaches have stepped on Playworks playgrounds across the country. That's a lot of game-loving, playful adults! And along with all those coaches and players, we have gathered more than 250 active games to play with kids (and adults!) and collected them in the Playworks Playbook.

The 2012-2013 Playbook is available for download online or to purchase a printed copy. You will find ice breaker games, tag games, cooperative games, readiness games, core sports and core playground games. You can find games to play with preschoolers or 45 year olds, game to play indoors or out, games that require no equipment or games with soft foam dodgeballs. There are games that can be played alone or games that can be played with 50 children. There are even games that teach listening skills, hand-eye coordination, following directions and other necessary skills.

Find the next game you will play! Check out the Playworks Playbook or view our online games library at

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