Playworks knows how hard principals work every day. In honor of National Principals Month, we want to give you a much-deserved break with pictures of adorable, active pets! Relieve some stress and learn about 15 of our favorite recess games as demonstrated by dogs and cats.

1) Simon Says

A playground classic, Simon Says either empowers players to lead a group in a series of movements or tests their direction-following skills. For examples of activities to perform when people act without Simon’s permission, read here.

Warm Spring Animal Hospital

2) Sardines

A team-building variation of Hide-and-Seek, Sardines requires the seekers to find and join hidden players. Read more . . . 

Via Pinterest:  
Via Pinterest                                                       Via Pinterest

3) Land, Sea, Air

One line and three commands are the only requirements for this game. When playing, channel these cats and attentively listen. Read more . . .

iCat Care. org;
iCat Care

4) Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is a fun and simple tool for basic conflict resolution. You can play with your hands or with your entire body. Read more . . .

Just Cute Animals;   
Just Cute Animals                                                                Via Reddit

5) Ultimate Kick Ball

The object of the game is to kick the ball, run the bases, and touch home without getting out, and have your team score as many points as possible. Learn about the variations for advanced and beginner runners here.

Courtesy of Lisa Clemson

6) Soccer Smash

The goal Soccer Smash is to knock down all the cones in the opposite court during an allotted amount of time using soccer skills. Read more . . .

Deanna Zimmer via Pinterest;
Deanna Zimmer via Pinterest

7) Hula Hoop Four Square

Place four hula hoops in a square, say the magic word, and have players hula hoop for as long as possible. Learn how to integrate different parts of the body in the hula hoop.

Coast Monthly / Jennifer Reynolds;
Coast Monthly / Jennifer Reynolds

8) Indoor Hopscotch

Learn how to play in any weather with a little bit of construction paper and tape.

Two Story;
Two Story Cottage

9) Frog Catcher

Players (frogs) hop from their lily pads and try to collect flies (bean bags) while avoiding the frog catcher. Learn how to channel your inner frog.


10) Three Line Basketball

With three single-file lines, players rotate quickly through games of three-on-three basketball with the goal of being the first team to score. Read more . . .

Modern Cat;]
Modern Cat

11) Tip it Over, Pick it Up

With two teams, two opposing goals, and one-minute intervals Tip it Over, Pick it Up will get you excited to move and surprisingly engaged in a simple task. Learn more . . .

Via Reburn

12) Double Dutch

Unlike these Guinness World Record-breaking dogs, we suggest two rope turners and one jumper. Learn more about safe double dutch techniques.

Guinness World Records;
Guinness World Records

13) Jump the River

An independent game, jump the river has players leap over imaginary rivers and practice landing safely on two feet. Learn more . . .

Pictures of;
Pictures of Cats

14) Mouse Trap

Six players form a human trap that is controlled by the designated leader (cat). Several players (mice) scurry around and avoid being caught in the trap when the cat signals. When only one mouse is left standing, the game restarts again. Read more . . .

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Pest Control Supplies

15) High-five!

Keep games safe and healthy by empowering all players with high-fives and positive statements, like “Good job, nice try.” Learn more about safe, healthy play.

Wikimedia Commons;
Wikimedia Commons 

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