Why We Should Preserve the Johnson Amendment

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A message from our Founder & CEO, Jill Vialet

Why we should preserve the Johnson Amendment

We believe that it is important to preserve the nonpartisanship of the philanthropic sector.

Before the end of this calendar year, President Trump is hoping to pass a tax reform bill. Different versions of tax reform bills have passed in both the House and the Senate.

Section 5201 of the House-passed bill, if passed as it stands, would change the Johnson Amendment, which currently provides the protection of nonpartisanship for charitable, religious, and philanthropic organizations.

The proposed change would make political donations tax-deductible when funneled through charitable nonprofits, houses of worship, and foundations. This means that nonprofits could endorse or oppose political candidates; non-profit supporters could put pressure on the organizations to align with their political beliefs. This will inhibit the ability of charities to address critical issues around the world and in our communities.

You can make a difference by contacting your members of Congress and promoting this message on social and traditional media. Take action.